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What is the best plan to paying back my student loans?

Maureen S asked: I have $33,000 in student loan debt. I am supposed to start paying SallieMae back next month at $229 a month for 25 years at 6.8% interest. To me this doesn’t seem like much of a deal!... (Continue reading)

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Will paying extra on the principle of an auto loan lower my monthly payments or just pay it off quicker?

asked: I just got an auto loan recently. My question is, if i make extra payments towards the principle, will my monthly payments be lower over the 60 month term of my loan, or will my monthly payments stay the... (Continue reading)

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Does anyone know of a lender for a bad credit personal loan?

Crystal asked: Have bad credit but need to get a long term personal loan.Asked on: 2009-10-15 17:37:19... (Continue reading)

Long Term Auto Loans – Fulfill Your Automotive Desire

Duglaus Hondo asked: Today automobile industry is getting wider and wider. The reason behind this statement is increasing demand for automobiles, as they are fast being considered a necessity of modern life. So, in order to support this necessity there... (Continue reading)

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No Credit Check Auto Loans : Fast Auto Loans Without Any Credit Check

Carney Alden asked: These days a lot of people face the complication of having bad credit or no credit. So the bad credit borrower feels deprived while availing loan for buying a car. Loans without any credit check try to... (Continue reading)