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Use student loans or obtain home equity line?

Kristy asked: My employer pays for my tuition, but I am still eligible to take out student loans. I am debating if I should continue to use student loan money to “fix-up” my house, or just take out a home... (Continue reading)

What is the best student loan consolidation company?

KeraniBai asked: Recently, I consolidated my student loans (undergrad, grad school loans). After I received the final break down, it appears that I will be paying double over the 25 year pay back period even with a 6% interest rate.... (Continue reading)

How do they process your student loans when you almost at your borrowing limit?

Southerngirl29 asked: I have around $4500.00 left in student loans, and I have two semester left of college. In the fall, I am taking 15 hours, but in the spring I am only taking six. Will they offer the remaining... (Continue reading)

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What are some good Student Loan Consolidation Companies?

Dirk L asked: These crooks known as Sallie Mae have screwed me. Two years ago I started receiving my student loans, and the interest rate at the time was only 2%. I even have a sheet of paper stating that.... (Continue reading)

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What does it mean when my student loans have a zero balance due to a claim?

river85715 asked: My student loans are through NelNet and I received a letter from NelNet instructing me to stop making payments. The reason they give is that my student loan account has been paid by a claim and now has... (Continue reading)

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Can student loans prevent you from leaving the US?

Anita asked: If I am a US citizen with student loans (about 13k) will I be allowed to leave the States? I am planning on moving to another country for a period of time in order to get married to... (Continue reading)

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Is student loan still tax deductable when refinancing a student loan with a personal loan?

Andrew M asked: My daughter has two very high interest student loans. Her credit won’t let her do anything, but I can refinance it with me getting the loan using my credit. But is it still a student loan that... (Continue reading)

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Can student loan interest be used as a tax deduction if the loans are in deferment/forbearance?

AG asked: I know that student loan interest can be deducted. My student loans are all either in deferment or forbearance. I’m accruing interest on some of them, but I haven’t actually paid any interest yet. Can I deduct the... (Continue reading)

How do you obtain a personal loan from a bank?

juicy asked: I need a personal loan to pay off my bills and basically just get caught up financially, and is considering going to a bank and asking for a personal loan for the first time. Other than student loans,... (Continue reading)

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