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If I get an American Express card and pay my monthly student loan bill with it will I get points? ?

Mike b asked: I owe money on my student loans and was thinking if i get an American Express and just pay the monthly payment with my card I could rack up some nice points over the years. Of course... (Continue reading)

How does student loan forgiveness work?

^_^ asked: So I’m planning to become a teacher, and I was wondering how does loan forgiveness work? I know that you have to teach for about 5 years to get 15k off your principle. I also know that they... (Continue reading)

Will a student loan payment that was late 3 or 4 days affect my credit?

gwynn asked: So I was a few days late in paying my Sallie Mae student loan bill. It said my account was deliquent 3 days. So I paid it. My question is will a payment that is late only a... (Continue reading)

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Tax question regarding default student loan and joint return?

Julia asked: We have a daughter with disabilities and have many many medical bills. Consequently, my student loan is in default. My husband has not student loans. I was wondering if my husband and I file tax together will the... (Continue reading)

How should I structure my student loan payments?

Lil Miss Answershine asked: I have a LARGE amount of student loans, both federal (consolidated) and private. My private loans are on a variable interest rate. I feel like I am spinning my wheels paying each month to a balance... (Continue reading)

How to lower student loan interest rate?

SM S asked: I am 25 and have two student loans, one is 4% (with Key bank, $50K), the other one is 9% (with Government, $10K). Would appreciate your advise on how to lower the interest rate on the government... (Continue reading)

How/where do I get a student loan, whats a good rate?

Nitch asked: I am looking to get a student loan for my last year of college. I would like to recieve a lump sum, that is greater then my anticipated tuition to cover expenses. I am also wondering what a... (Continue reading)

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How EASY is it to receive a student loan after being awarded money from my financial aid package?

Ryan c asked: I have already received my financial aid award from the university I I’m attending in the fall. The problem is that my award with Federal grants, subsidized, and unsubsidized loans did not cover my cost of attendance.... (Continue reading)

Can you explain student loan repayment benefits in the Army?

Kimpossible888 asked: I have a lot of student loans from college and grad school. I have seen ads for student loan repayment upon joining the Army Reserve. Are these only for enlisted or officer, too? Any other details would be... (Continue reading)

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Student loans not in repayment or in deferral included in a mortgage loan application as an expense?

Ana C asked: Am applying for a mortgage loan and have two school loans already on my credit report but specify one is not in repayment and second is deferred. However, the loan application is requesting all expenses listed on... (Continue reading)

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