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Student Loans bill in SOTU tonight?

Maggie M asked: This kind of got rushed through but did anyone else hear this in the speech tonight? No more than 10% of your annual salary, forgiven after 20 years. No matter how much debt you rack up, don’t... (Continue reading)

Can my husbands GI Bill cover my student loans?

Brie McClain asked: I am in school now and am getting out in december and taking a semester off because we’re having a baby in february. I wanted to know if my husbands GI Bill covers MY student loansAsked on:... (Continue reading)

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The Senate passes a good bill for student loans. Why do some people twist it and attack the Democrats?

digital dan asked:;_ylt=AlZEP3.4GR5xHrUXBqXWVQDsy6IX?qid=20070720070312AAYfSHb&show=7#profile-info-AA10645761;_ylt=AjYnjzb5rNsQdiHOr8Xy8f3sy6IX?qid=20070720071419AARGgxT&show=7#profile-info-B8jJOsxWaa I can’t take it anymore! I’ll still come back becaue Y!A passes the down time at work. But all day, everyday, people present questions with no evidence and accuse one party or the other... (Continue reading)

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How do the student loan provisions included with the health care bill affect existing loans (if at all)?

Neal asked: Do the provisions affect only future student loans, or loans that are already in repayment? If they affect loans in repayment, how so? Thanks!Asked on: 2012-01-09 05:55:34... (Continue reading)

Can I add an unpaid bill from my university to my student loan consolidation?

Spirited Virgo asked: I took my last class this summer and could not get financial aid. I was billed and I have paid some of it. I’m about to consolidate my student loans so I was wondering if I could... (Continue reading)

Did the student loan (part of health bill) come out of nowhere?

Ditto! asked: Nobody ever said anything about student loans, until after the health care bill was passed. What else is hidden behind the curtains?Asked on: 2012-01-03 00:54:59... (Continue reading)

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How do you get a student loan for an international student?

asked: I am 17 and from the UK and I want to go to the art institute of New York. On their website it doesn’t say about student loans. How do I get a student loan and what else would... (Continue reading)

How soes taking out a student loan work?

Ron Paul 2012! asked: I’m planning on starting college soon. I’ll need some money. Do I go to the college and ask for a receipt of the estimated costs? Does the bank need a receipt? What should I bring to... (Continue reading)

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Is it possible to get a student loan waived or reduce to a very low payment?

SweetiePie asked: My friend owes 125,000 in student loans after going to graduate school. She have to pay 400.00 for 20 years. How can she get her loan waived or reduced to a very low payment?Asked on: 2010-03-19 08:17:43... (Continue reading)

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Can you receive a student loan after you have filed bankruptcy?

happieis2000 d asked: I filed bankruptcy in 2000. I have heard rumors that once you have filed bankruptcy and listed your student loans on it, you cannot receive any other educational financial assistance. My bankruptcy was discharged in 2001. At... (Continue reading)

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