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What student loans are not required to pay back after filing bankruptcy?

Defend the Faith asked: We have a student loan from Key Bank for flight school. I am pretty sure its considered private. My husband had to stop attending school because he broke his back on the job and had to... (Continue reading)

How do student loan interest rates work?

Breanna asked: I need to take out a very small student loan to take summer classes to squeak by and make it into a program that I just recently decided I wanted to apply to. Small student loan being about... (Continue reading)

What happens to your credit score in you default on a student loan?

Wicky Brandon asked: There has been a lot of talk in the news about the student loan crisis. The statistics show that 10% of students who go to public colleges default on their student loans and 25% of students who... (Continue reading)

Does the GI bill cover student loans?

asked: Like if I have a student loan for say, housing, would I be able to use the GI bill to pay it off?Asked on: 2012-04-23 18:41:27 Incoming search terms:cam i use my gi bill to pay off school loansDOES... (Continue reading)

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How much are most people’s monthly student loan bills? (On average)?

netownie204 asked: How much do most people put out per month on paying back student loans?Asked on: 2012-04-11 20:54:39... (Continue reading)

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The new health care bill will eliminate student loans for 6 to 7 years. How will you pay for college?

libertarian anarchist asked: That’s right. The banks won’t be making any more loans starting when the bill passes. The government will start student loans in 2018. I guess if you could find a job you could work until then.Asked on:... (Continue reading)

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Does a university have the right to hold my transcripts because I have been unable to pay my student loan bill?

The New “Dolemite” asked: I have been living from check to check and have filed Bankruptcy twice–in 1993 and in 2004. This university has put a hold on my transcripts which even prevented me from getting a teaching job four... (Continue reading)

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How has the government taken over student loans in the bill that was passed? Does anyone have any credible?

★SuGar and SpiCe★ asked: Links for reference? I’d like to see just what exactly was involved with the student loans and the private sector in this bill.Asked on: 2012-02-22 03:12:59... (Continue reading)

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Once Student Loans sends you a bill, can they still be deferred?

asked: I waited a few too many months (like 6 months since I was last in school) and now the federal student loan thing sent me a payment bill. If I start back into classes immediately, will the student loan... (Continue reading)

Do students feel screwed by the new student loans bill Obama signed today?

Sweet n Sour asked: It doesn’t allow anyone other than the bank to lend money to students, starting at 6.50%. My student loans for example are with Wells Fargo, locked in at 3.25%. There will be no competition and whatever... (Continue reading)

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