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Does the new student loan legislation only allow banks to charge you 10% of your annual income?

dskau asked: I’ve heard that the new student loan legislation passed along with the health care bill will only allow banks to charge you 10% of your annual income over the course of the year. I’m pretty sure that includes... (Continue reading)

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Can you deduct interest from student loan payments on your tax return?

BTown asked: I understand that it is possible to make a deduction from your taxable income from interest paid on qualifying student loans. I believe I qualify for this, as I have been paying on my student loans for some... (Continue reading)

Is student loan interest tax deductable if you take the standard deduction?

saratgoo asked: I read that student loan interest was tax deductable no matter how you do your taxes. Is this true? We always take the standard deduction and this is the first year we have started paying student loans that... (Continue reading)

Can outstanding student loans off set you rebate check?

falisha carter asked: I have an outstanding student loan, and I am expecting a rebate check, is it possible for the department of education to offset the rebate check? I have heard some people say that they can’t, but I... (Continue reading)

What are my chances of being approved on a Wells Fargo personal loan?

tigertowner asked: I am considering applying for a $5,000 personal loan from my bank. What are my chances of being approved based on the following information: My Equifax score is 654, I’ve been at my job for over 4 years,... (Continue reading)

What are some lenders that offer uncertified student loans?

Heather asked: Im looking for an uncertified student loan and Im not having any luck. I checked up on Chase, Wells Fargo, and Sallie Mae and it looks like none of these lenders are offering them anymore.Asked on: 2012-10-11 09:47:00... (Continue reading)

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How do student loans work if I have financial aid?

jon peters asked: So I’m returning to college this semester but I’m thinking about taking out a student loan. The only thing is I already have financial aid. Will I be able to take out a loan and how much... (Continue reading)

What is the next step once I have signed my student loan promissory note?

oscardog asked: This is my first year attending graduate school and I have just signed a student loan promissory note. What comes next? Do I choose a lender now? I also had student loans for my BA (undergraduate) that I... (Continue reading)

How much can I get approved for on a home loan?

Jaci asked: I make around 40k. My credit score is around 700. I have a car loan 203, student loans 152. I have credit cards but do not owe anything on them. My boyfriend makes around 20k. His credit score... (Continue reading)

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What is the best way to get rid of student loan payments that you can’t afford?

jamesy_8904 asked: I attended a university for a few months this past summer. I came back to my hometown and got married. During the time that I was at the university I took out a student loan. The interest on... (Continue reading)

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