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Will I get more back in April for paying student loan interest?

traveler07 asked: I paid off only student loan interest last year. I also took two state and two federal deductions off my paycheck. Will that affect how much I get back? If not, what does?Asked on: 2012-12-10 11:33:45... (Continue reading)

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Do I get tax credits for student loan interest while still in school and the loan is in deferment?

Al asked: I am currently a graduate student. I have a few unsubsidized student loans that are still in deferment. Should I be able to deduct the interest that is accumulating on the loan now, or am I only able... (Continue reading)

Can I use unclaimed student loan interest from previous years as deductibles for 2009?

xParadiseRyan asked: I have thousands of dollars in student loan interest that accumulated in 2007 and 2008. While I did file tax returns for those years, I did not include this interest as a deductible. How would I go about... (Continue reading)

Can I claim the standard deduction/personal exemption and student loan interest on the same form?

Number 14 asked: I am 31 years of age, independent. Which form do I use, if I qualify? I made $1,002 in student loan interest payments, and contributed $520 to the Flexible Spending Account. How do I qualify? Can I... (Continue reading)

How does student loan interest work?

S0methingcreative asked: Hi, How does interest on your student loan work? Currently I owe 31k total and I have 6% interest rate. I’m graduating soon and I plan to pay some now before I graduate. However, I’m confused….Does that mean... (Continue reading)

Is student loan interest tax deductable if you take the standard deduction?

saratgoo asked: I read that student loan interest was tax deductable no matter how you do your taxes. Is this true? We always take the standard deduction and this is the first year we have started paying student loans that... (Continue reading)

How much of your student loan interest do you get back for your taxes?

kaitlyn asked: I paid $2400 in student loan interest during the 2010 tax year, my total income was about $35,000. Does anyone have an estimate of how much of that I could be getting back, if any?Asked on: 2012-06-29 07:22:36... (Continue reading)

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How do student loan interest rates work?

Breanna asked: I need to take out a very small student loan to take summer classes to squeak by and make it into a program that I just recently decided I wanted to apply to. Small student loan being about... (Continue reading)

Obama threatens to veto a bill that would keep college cost and student loan interest down?

asked: I thought Obama wanted every kid to get a college education, not just the rich? I thought he cared. Just more lip service, I guess. @Smith–That’s down right pathetic.Asked on: 2012-04-10 11:58:04... (Continue reading)

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Should I pay a portion of my student loan bill to take advantage of the lower APR? ?

stevenc925 asked: I have a credit card check which offers a 1.87 APR until September 2009. My student loan interest is on average 5.2% right now. I want to max out my credit card by using the CC check to... (Continue reading)

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