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What is the best plan to paying back my student loans?

Maureen S asked: I have $33,000 in student loan debt. I am supposed to start paying SallieMae back next month at $229 a month for 25 years at 6.8% interest. To me this doesn’t seem like much of a deal!... (Continue reading)

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How do I get my student loans waived for teaching English abroad?

David asked: I will be teacing English in Spain this fall andI heard that student loan debt can be waived if the recipient has taught English abroad. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, I want to... (Continue reading)

If a student loan debt is discharged due to disability?

Preacher with Priors asked: If being disabled gets a student loan debt discharged, can that person go to school and receive grants etc I am surprised that people think “permanently disabled ” means a person is unable to learn something... (Continue reading)

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How do you go about consolidating PRIVATE student loan debt with a home mortgage?

Boston Tenor asked: We are looking for a home about $150,000 and we have about $70,000 in Private student loan debt at 7%.Asked on: 2012-11-29 01:56:30... (Continue reading)

Is it wrong to fund retirement and investments while I still have student loan debt?

Rob A asked: I have student loan debt with pretty low interest rates (5% and 3% respectively). Is it better to put extra money toward paying off the student loans quicker or putting that extra money into an IRA and/or... (Continue reading)

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What type of bankruptcy qualifies for student loan cancellation?

PATSY E asked: Also, where do I apply to teach to a low income school to have my student loan debt cancelled?Asked on: 2012-11-10 05:37:39... (Continue reading)

Better to pay off student loan debt or invest in a home?

Donna C asked: My husband (to be) and I have a large amount of student loan debt. Would it be better to pay this down or off quickly while dumping money into rent – or to invest in a home... (Continue reading)

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What are the effects of student loan debt?

Joseph asked: What are some of the effects of student loan debt? Whether emotional/psychological, economical, or financial. I need help organizing my research paper so hopefully just a summary of some of the things student loan debt causes can help... (Continue reading)

Can I get a home mortgage if I have a lot of student loan debt?

Star_1320 asked: I have debt from school, but I am interested in buying a home. Would I be able to get a mortgage?Asked on: 2010-05-15 04:41:21 Incoming search terms:can i get a house loan if i have student loan debt?GET... (Continue reading)

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Is student loan debt taken into consideration when a landlord approves a tenant for leasing an apartment?

asked: I’m a recent college graduate with a steady income and a student loan that is not in default. I’m looking to lease an apartment, and I heard that landlords are not allowed to count student loan debt against a... (Continue reading)

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