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what is the longest wait on loan modification process?

asked: it has been six months that we have not paid the mortgage and in the process of selling the house, and 3 denials for the loan modification…how much longer before we get a yes?Asked on: 2012-06-20 08:22:26... (Continue reading)

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If you default on a student loan do you have to pay back immediately if you are still a student?

asked: My fiance dropped below part-time last semester (due to personal reasons) and was informed by the company that gave him his student loan that he has to repay the $3500 loan in six months. If he is going to... (Continue reading)

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How can you get a home loan with really poor credit?

lil_shortiesunshine asked: My husband, myself and our kids, are living with his parents, for the past six months. We both have very poor credit and are in desparate need of our own place. We now can afford our own place... (Continue reading)

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