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Applying for a home loan with my wife salary?

shiva asked: I have to apply for a home loan, with my and my wife’s income, Please any one let me know what are all the documents i need to submit for both of us. And we are not having... (Continue reading)

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Has anyone received a loan modification, without being late on your mortgage?

lisamoats1 asked: We have recently applied for a loan modification, however we are not currently behind. But my husband’s salary has just decreased by 35%, and we will shortly be in arrears.Asked on: 2012-06-26 20:27:33... (Continue reading)

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What would be the things that could keep you from getting a loan modification?

Wisen Smart asked: I have heard a lot about this loan modification and have been receiving not so clear answers to my question. I presently have a tax lien on my home, 2 months behind in my mortgage, make the... (Continue reading)

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What is the best type of mortgage loan for the lowest monthly payment?

cantholdmd asked: 30 year fixed? 2/1 ARM? I need a loan with no PMI and low points and the lowest possible mortgage payment a month. What Im working with: Credit score 600 Annual assets (Salary) 34500 Monthly Debt: 70 House... (Continue reading)

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Can I Qualify for an FHA Home Loan?

MrCashCartons asked: Alright, I have six years of steady employment and have been preparing to buy a house and fixing my credit. I am not to the point that my credit will allow me to purchase a home at a... (Continue reading)

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How to apply for mortgage loan modification?

Harris T asked: I have lost my job and am now working as a cashier at a grocery store. The problem is that my new salary is not enough to cover the mortgage. I am in a very tight situation... (Continue reading)

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What will happen to student loan repayments if there is a recession?

mot01 asked: If you have a UK student loan which is taken directly from your salary and is linked to the rate of inflation, what is likely to happen if there is a recession, and the knock-on effects this would... (Continue reading)

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