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What are my chances of gettin a personal loan?

Bobby asked: I am looking to get a personal loan to do some remodeling around the house. I am looking for $3500. I have a FICO of 715. I have 4 credit cards with perfect payment history with about 25%... (Continue reading)

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Are my chances of getting an auto loan through the same bank better?

asked: I currently have an auto loan through a bank. I pay my payments in full and on time every month. I am a 20 year old college student graduating in 3 months and I work full time. My credit... (Continue reading)

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How many times can you consolidation Private student loans?

redsoxchick asked: Does anybody know how many times you can consolidate private student loans? Right now I have approx $26K in student loans consolidated with Sallie Mae at about 10% interest rate. I would like to get a better one,... (Continue reading)

Credit score affect on auto loan interest rates?

bigbill asked: I am 24 and just began working full time and making pretty good money. I’ve had 1 credit card and 2 department store credit cards for over 2 years and have excellent payment history and plenty of credit... (Continue reading)

Why will noone approve me for an auto refinance loan?

Danielle B asked: I have a decent credit score (650-700), lived at my resident long enough, been at my job long enough (almost 2 years) and make more than enough money to get a loan. I have paid on the... (Continue reading)

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