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payday loan company that will approve me when others have refused?

Andrew asked: i am looking for a payday loan company that will approve me for a loan. got bad credit and keep getting refused by other payday loan companies. need it asap . any suggestions please?Asked on: 2012-12-10 16:02:17 Incoming... (Continue reading)

Can you go to jail in texas for not paying a payday loan?

James G asked: I cant pay these loans back and I have post dated checks with the payday loan companies. Im afraid they could prosecute me for the bad post dated checks. What is going to be the best way... (Continue reading)

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Has anyone used a payday loan company?

deptofstate asked: Are payday loan companies you find online reputable? If you have used one, had a good or bad experience, please let me know?Asked on: 2012-11-01 08:52:49... (Continue reading)

How do payday loan companies varify your identity?

simon asked: How do payday loan companies verify your identity as they don’t do credit checks? they ask for your national identity number but what info can they get from that?Asked on: 2012-10-07 15:11:57... (Continue reading)

What are some credible payday loan companies or ways to get money fast?

Samantha asked: My Roommate is in need of some money so she can keep up with ends meet until she gets her next disbursement of financial aid. Is there any payday loan companies that are actually credible? or is there... (Continue reading)

Are there any legitimate payday loan companies online that will not keep directing me to other sites?

Hayley asked: Im so sick of filling out information to get a payday loan. I dont have a choice but i need money to pay my rent, i understand everything that comes along with the loans, but are there any... (Continue reading)

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I just started a position working from home. I need an emergency cash loan or payday loan?

Valerie S asked: Does anyone know of a LEGITIMATE cash loan or payday loan company that does not require you to work at your employment for at least 3 months? Most sites I go into and fill the application need... (Continue reading)

Who thinks payday loan companies should be banned in every state?

elaine asked: I fell into the payday loan trap, which I struggled my way out of. Now when I see someone going into one of those places, I just want to run grab them and pull them in the opposite... (Continue reading)

Can you get a consolidated loan to pay off some payday loans? asked: I owe 8 payday loan companies and have bad credit. Would companies be able to still get me a consolidated loan to payoff the payday loans?Asked on: 2007-10-06 15:00:34... (Continue reading)