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What happens to an existing car loan if I were to buy another car?

asked: What happens to an existing car loan if I were to buy another car? I bought a car in 2003 and owe about $8000 on it but am thinking of buying a new one. What will happen to my... (Continue reading)

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If I paid off an auto loan today, how long will it take to show on my credit report?

Chris asked: I have an auto loan I was going to pay off today. Problem is, my wife needs a new car (someone hit her and totaled her car). If I pay off the auto loan, how long will it... (Continue reading)

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What is the lowest your credit score can be and still get a auto loan?

Dre asked: I want a new car or a newer used car and need a auto loan. I’m scared of applying and not getting approved and having all that on my report. My score is in the Poor credit range.... (Continue reading)

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How can I get approved for an auto loan but still cant get approved for a credit card?

asked: I just recieved an auto loan through a dealership for a new car that I recently purchased but yet I still cannot get approved for a credit card… How is this? I dont mean one of the worthless prepaid... (Continue reading)

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Why would an auto loan not appear on a credit report?

ROCKER_CHICK asked: I applied for a new car, but still had a loan on a car I bought in the past. When they pulled my credit report, my old auto loan didn’t show up? I have less than 6 months... (Continue reading)

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Will today’s Fed rate cut lower auto loan interest rates?

alcolmx asked: We are about to buy a new car, should we wait a bit to see whether auto loan rates go down? Thanks!Asked on: 2009-12-24 01:39:40... (Continue reading)

Is it smart to use a home equity loan to pay off car loans, and a line of credit?

motormank asked: My husband and I need to lower our monthly payments. We have no debt except a line of credit for $60,000 with the payment of $410 and two car loans both adding up to about $25,000 and the... (Continue reading)

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My Guide to Auto Loans

Uchenna Ani-Okoye asked: This article names the three most expensive mistakes people make with their new car auto loan so that people can avoid them: They don’t evaluate their loan options it is easy to go with a lender you... (Continue reading)