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Does a person need to be behind in mortgage payments in order to qualify for loan modification?

macphoto asked: We are current on our home loan but our work has slowed considerably and we dont forsee being able to make our mortgage payments in the near future. Our loan is through Bank of America. Has anyone been... (Continue reading)

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Does the Loan Modification always affect credit score?

energy-saver asked: We have never been behind on our mortgage payments and the credit score is good (over 780). Our current loan (5 years fixed interest only) has just expired, and my lender bank has offered us a loan modification... (Continue reading)

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How to sell during foreclosure / loan modification?

Love my babies! asked: After a ton of bad luck my husband then lost his job and we have now fallen behind on mortgage payments. We are about 5 months behind and they have just began the foreclosure process. Our... (Continue reading)

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Can someone tell me how one can qualify for a home loan modification?

Mrs Fabulous asked: My parents lost their jobs 3 yrs ago and was in the process of adopting 3 small children. They are struggling to make ends meet. What can I do to help them lower their mortgage payments and... (Continue reading)

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If you have a credit score of 750, what kind of interest for home?

Prince§§ of µnί©orn waΨ asked: hey, i have a credit score of 750, I want to know how high my interest rate would be for a home loan of about $80,000. I can check mortgage calculators for how much payments... (Continue reading)

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Can I use a property I fully own as collateral on a new home loan?

Tony T asked: My wife and I inherited a property in TX from my grandmother last year. It’s not much at all, but we have been renting it out and gaining a little money off it. (There are no mortgage... (Continue reading)

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What is the quickest way to payoff payday loans?

tuckersmom asked: Other than not taking them out in the first place, what can I do to pay off some payday loans that I did when we hit a money slump…We are slowly getting back on tract otherwise (budgeting mortgage... (Continue reading)

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How did a loan modification benefit you?

♥Sweet♥ asked: How much more affordable did a loan modification make your mortgage payments and what terms were changed on your loan?Asked on: 2008-10-09 03:49:03... (Continue reading)