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Did the Senaste pass the LOWER STUDENT LOAN RATE bill this past January?

Coach asked: Can someone give me a link if they did? Also, when would it go into affect?Asked on: 2012-02-25 21:34:10 Incoming search terms:credit score of692 car loan rateused auto loan after bk with a 692 score... (Continue reading)

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what kind of auto loan interest rate can a credit score of 692 qualify?

sampson asked: Looking into an auto loan for a certified used car. The person applying has a credit score of 692 and is looking to get the best auto rate, any idea? Presumably not the advertised 0.9%APR. Realistically speaking any... (Continue reading)

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How long do you have to wait after bankruptcy to get an auto loan?

asked: I filed chapter 7 in april 2009, I have a 640 credit score. What are my chances at getting an auto loan? What interest rate do you think I would pay?Asked on: 2011-01-06 18:11:49... (Continue reading)

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How to lower student loan interest rate?

SM S asked: I am 25 and have two student loans, one is 4% (with Key bank, $50K), the other one is 9% (with Government, $10K). Would appreciate your advise on how to lower the interest rate on the government... (Continue reading)

How/where do I get a student loan, whats a good rate?

Nitch asked: I am looking to get a student loan for my last year of college. I would like to recieve a lump sum, that is greater then my anticipated tuition to cover expenses. I am also wondering what a... (Continue reading)

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When will I know my student loan rate on a SUBSIDIZED loan? Will I get the same rate as 2yrs ago?

mike j asked: I will be out of college next year and the news says today that the student loan rates are going down… So do this mean i will get a low rate, if not can i get somebody... (Continue reading)

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How do I lower my student loan interest rate?

Mark S asked: I graduated in May ’06 with 15k worth of student loans. My interest rate is just over 7%. I thought it was supposed to be lower! I’ve heard that student loans are the cheapest loan you’ll ever... (Continue reading)

What is a good student loan interest rate?

Brother Lance asked: I have been paying on a consolidated loan since August 2004 at 2.62%. $50 per month on about $4500 balance & I notice that $10 of the $50 every month is going to interest. . . .Asked... (Continue reading)

Really high student loan interest rate, its approved and sent to the school whats can I do?

thatpolishbassplayer asked: So I applied for a student loan, and I was happy because they accepted me, and later that week I recieve a letter telling me my interest rate is 12.5% I was wondering if I can not accept... (Continue reading)

Which nationalize bank provide student loan at the lowest rate for further study in foreign country?

Ashok Patel asked: My Son want to go Canada for further study and for the same student loan is required. I want to know from which nationalize bank in Ahmedabad City I can get student loan with easy procedure and... (Continue reading)

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