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What’s the best way to request a lower interest rate on a car loan?

Min asked: We have a car loan that began in 2005 and have never made 1 late payment – every month the car loan was paid on time. We’ve recently received offers from various banks/loans proposing a lower interest rate.... (Continue reading)

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Do I need a notarized letter from auto loan provider if I am taking a long road trip?

jfs1988 asked: My loan provider is Alaska USA Federal Credit Union & the vehicle is a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. I bought the vehicle in 2011, & the loan will take about a year and a half to finish paying off.... (Continue reading)

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What is the best company to get a personal loan from?

The Great Sphinx asked: I want a personal loan in the range of $15,000. I don’t want to get ripped off on APR. If you have a good experience with a loan provider, maybe you could tell me about it.... (Continue reading)

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What is the difference between affordable home loan modification and refinancing?

kairali asked: Does loan modification cost me more than loan refinancing. Is the loan provider interested in doing loan modification.Asked on: 2009-11-15 16:02:25... (Continue reading)