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What is the most important factor in getting a business loan?

princessin_bluejeans asked: I am in the process of writing out my business plan for a start up company, of course I have very little capital and am considering a business loan. What would you say is the most important factor... (Continue reading)

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what is the longest wait on loan modification process?

asked: it has been six months that we have not paid the mortgage and in the process of selling the house, and 3 denials for the loan modification…how much longer before we get a yes?Asked on: 2012-06-20 08:22:26... (Continue reading)

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Hi my husband and I are in the process of applying for a loan modification. Does anyone know the process?

karen d asked: Is the Dodds frank certification the last step in the application for loan modification? If so am I more likely to qualify? What is the trial period? When are payments usually due? Are payments do right a... (Continue reading)

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Can I get a student loan in addition to my company tuition reimbursement?

NUnum1 asked: My company will reimburse up to $5250/year for tuition. Would I be also be able to take out a student loan or do I have to pay the tuition with out-of-pocket money? I didn’t have to go through... (Continue reading)

How much time does it usually take for the home loan process ?

JohnPau2010 asked: I have put an offer for a home. I wanted to start the home loan process. Usually how long does it take for the home loan to finish. Small banks or big banks time frame, for a 160K... (Continue reading)

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loan modification?/?

Melissa asked: in the process of doing loan mod they put us on a trial for three months we did that and sent in all documents now there telling me that it could be 60/90 more days for a decision?... (Continue reading)

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What is the loan modification with your mortgage while in Chapter 13 bankruptcty?

My2Boyz asked: After filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy (mortgage included -fixed rate) my husband became unemployed, so we are now 6 months behind on our mortgage and our attorneys are submitting for a loan modification, what is the process? Is a... (Continue reading)

How long does it take to get a home loan modification. After the process has started?

Talk To Me asked: I am going thru a third party one that my lender set up. I have submitted all paperwork that was requested. approx 1 month ago….Asked on: 2009-10-14 06:55:51... (Continue reading)

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How do you obtain a personal loan from a bank?

juicy asked: I need a personal loan to pay off my bills and basically just get caught up financially, and is considering going to a bank and asking for a personal loan for the first time. Other than student loans,... (Continue reading)

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