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What banks have money and are lending for home loans right now?

Mechanicboy asked: I have a FICO score of 725 so I’m thinking if I find the right bank I could still get a home loan even in this economy, but which banks should I apply at first? I live in... (Continue reading)

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How does an FHA home loan differ from other home loans?

Marci S asked: I’m looking at houses online and some of them say FHA buyers welcome. Does this mean that some people don’t want to deal with someone who has an FHA loan? Please also tell me anything you know... (Continue reading)

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Which bank is providing home loan on lowest rate of interest?

niki asked: I am planning to take loan of 23 lacs for a flat. The flats would be built and sold by a company. The company has collaboration with some of Indian banks like LIC housing finance, Axis, etc. Please... (Continue reading)

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How will the decrease in home loan interest rate help the realty sector?

Pragati S asked: Everyone is talking about the cut in the interest rates for home loans. Will actually the cut gonna help in reviving the realty sector?Is it a good time to buy a property rite now or should wait... (Continue reading)

How is the tax waiver counts on home loan is calculated?

Arya Biswas asked: Hi, My question is regarding home loans. My Dad is a Railway Officer. Drawing around RS. 5 lacs per year. He has a house building loan from SBI amounting Rs. 6 lacs. So please tell me that... (Continue reading)

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When is the best day to lock home loan rate ?

johnpau2009 asked: I am looking at home loans and wanted to know if there is a day in the week which is best for locking ? I heard that treasuries auction happen on every wednesday and rate might either go... (Continue reading)

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What is home loan calculator?

Raijin T asked: home loan calculator home loans interest ratesAsked on: 2009-01-07 21:42:13... (Continue reading)

Trying to qualify for a home loan. Will adding my name to my parents savings account help?

michaeldorian asked: I’ve been doing alot of research in terms of qualifying for a home loan and can’t seem to find an answer to this. Many home loans require you to show a bank account statement of atleast 3 months... (Continue reading)