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How does selling my land affect my taxes and ability to take out a student loan?

bearinacoat asked: I have a vacant lot, and I need to sell it, but I’m not sure how that would affect my tax status for the next year. I normally don’t have to pay any taxes, so would that affect... (Continue reading)

I need to take a personal loan out for living expenses while in graduate school – how do I do it?

Midnight Runner asked: I am moving out west for graduate school, which is being covered by other loans and scholarships, but I have absolutely no money. Thus I need to take out a personal loan, probably around two or three... (Continue reading)

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How will having a mortgage affect my ability to get a student loan?

Terri asked: I currently have a bachelor’s degree. All of my private student loans have been paid off. I still owe about 7500 in Stafford loans. I am planning on returning to school in the Fall to take some more... (Continue reading)

Is it possible to get a student loan waived or reduce to a very low payment?

SweetiePie asked: My friend owes 125,000 in student loans after going to graduate school. She have to pay 400.00 for 20 years. How can she get her loan waived or reduced to a very low payment?Asked on: 2010-03-19 08:17:43... (Continue reading)

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