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What banks have money and are lending for home loans right now?

Mechanicboy asked: I have a FICO score of 725 so I’m thinking if I find the right bank I could still get a home loan even in this economy, but which banks should I apply at first? I live in... (Continue reading)

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How much time does it usually take for the home loan process ?

JohnPau2010 asked: I have put an offer for a home. I wanted to start the home loan process. Usually how long does it take for the home loan to finish. Small banks or big banks time frame, for a 160K... (Continue reading)

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Which loan company offers the lowest rates for used auto loans?

spaztikus asked: I have a fico score of 681 and want to get a loan for 10500. I want to know who has the lowest intrest rate for me without applying and lowering my score! Can anyone help me on... (Continue reading)

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When will the recent federal reserve rate cuts translate into a significant rate drop in auto loans?

bigpoppamike21 asked: I have a current auto loan with a fico score of 697. My interest rate is 11% for 72-months. I am looking to refinance this auto loan.Asked on: 2009-11-17 01:09:32... (Continue reading)

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