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How does an FHA home loan differ from other home loans?

Marci S asked: I’m looking at houses online and some of them say FHA buyers welcome. Does this mean that some people don’t want to deal with someone who has an FHA loan? Please also tell me anything you know... (Continue reading)

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What are the fha home loan rates like as of now? I’m looking to use a fha refinance for my current home?

Jason asked: FHA refinance loans seem like my best option at the time for refinancing my home loan. Can anyone provide me with some information pertaining to the current fha rates?Asked on: 2009-11-16 00:36:02... (Continue reading)

On an FHA home loan is there a certain amount that the seller is allowed to pay in closing costs?

~Lauren~ asked: Yesterday I got this brilliant Idea that I would actually raise there offer if they paid all of the closing cost (I know i’m pretty stupid when it comes to this) and the realtor told me on FHA... (Continue reading)

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