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Will a student loan payment that was late 3 or 4 days affect my credit?

gwynn asked: So I was a few days late in paying my Sallie Mae student loan bill. It said my account was deliquent 3 days. So I paid it. My question is will a payment that is late only a... (Continue reading)

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How do I find a guaranteed home loan for bad credit with no down payment and amount of loan not limited?

nikki asked: I am trying to find a home loan that I can get that is guaranteed for bad credit regardless of income, no money down payment and amount of home purchase is not limited.. We started into this home... (Continue reading)

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How long does it usually take for a personal loan to be approved?

Binki26 asked: My partner and I submitted the final documentation yesterday and the finance company was quite vague about how long it will take for them to find a lender and approve the loan. They have told us ‘up to... (Continue reading)

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