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Debt To Income Ratio And Loan Modification?

Shirley asked: How will my debt to income ratio affect a loan modification? Do percentages appy when doing a loan modification? How low should I expect the mortgage company to lower my interest rate if it is already 5.535%?Asked on:... (Continue reading)

Do you need existing debts in order to get a home loan?

MIchael asked: So i currently have a car payment but i am getting close to paying it off, it is currently my only debt. My wife and I are planning on getting a home loan soon but we dont want... (Continue reading)

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What is a good credit score when applying for a car loan?

bnlrta asked: I want to apply for a car loan, but am afraid I will get turned down. I have all of my credit cards paid off, but have around $12,000.00 in student loans and owe $4,000.00 on the car... (Continue reading)

What are my chances of being approved on a Wells Fargo personal loan?

tigertowner asked: I am considering applying for a $5,000 personal loan from my bank. What are my chances of being approved based on the following information: My Equifax score is 654, I’ve been at my job for over 4 years,... (Continue reading)

Will I get approved for an auto loan with a high debt to income ratio?

asked: Looking to finance 25k for a new automobile. My monthly gross income is 2933 and other debts, including mortgage, total $1,045. If approved, my payment will only increase $60 over what my current auto loan is. My credit score... (Continue reading)

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What is the minimum credit score a co-signer must have to get approved on an auto loan?

Allie W asked: I know all banks are different and some are more stringent than others, but say I’m looking at an auto loan and I need a co-signer simply because I’m in college and I haven’t had my credit... (Continue reading)

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