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Can a student loan be written off as bad debt?

Greg asked: Student loan defaulted and it states on my credit report that the loan has been charged off. What does this mean? It is a private student loan not a federal.Asked on: 2012-12-19 23:19:19... (Continue reading)

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How should I manage high interest debt such as car loan? What plan should I make to pay off some principal?

nwn asked: I have car loan with high interest rate and would like to pay off some of the principal, but with bad economy I also want to reserve some cash for emergency. How should I pay this loan off?... (Continue reading)

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what will happen if I condolidate my credit card debt with my auto loan?

Whatever already asked: My bank is wanting me to take the debt from my credit card and consolidate it with my auto loan ( both from the same bank). This sounds like its too good to be true. Hopefully someone... (Continue reading)

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Can your collateral payment for a new home loan equal your outstanding debt on your existing auto loan?

Al D asked: Say you are financing your car and still owe $10K on that auto loan. You also have $10K in your savings account will a/the bank accept your $10K savings as collateral for a new home loan?Asked on:... (Continue reading)

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How do you know if you can get a home loan with bad credit and some debt?

kevin h asked: I have a student loan and a few little bills that i’m currently paying off total less than a thousand for the bills student loan is 22,000 but i’m not paying cause i’m barely getting by. I... (Continue reading)

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Any good places to have a bad credit personal loan or a credit debt loan?

monstervu asked: I am trying to get a credit loan and I have bad credit with a 4 collections on me and is trying to have this removed with a credit score of 521. Does anyone know where can I... (Continue reading)

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Can auto loans be part of a debt consolidation loan?

steveg4274 asked: If so, does anyone know where to get one with the auto loan?Asked on: 2009-11-05 01:29:38... (Continue reading)

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