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How should I alter my home loan given the current interest rate cut?

asked: I would appreciate some advice as to how I should alter my home loan. I am currently struggling with the home loan payments I am currently on. I have a mortgage of $ 658000 at an interest rate of... (Continue reading)

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Is there a way to refinance an auto loan with bad credit? any company that is likely to help?

pink_daisy001 asked: I have an auto loan that has just over 12,000 left due and I would like to refinance but have bad credit…is there a company that will refinace even if you have bad credit??? my current interest rate... (Continue reading)

What is the current interest rate for small business loan in Michigan?

Feeling Froggy asked: I have a project for my Intro to Business class and I need to know what the current interest rate for a small business loan is ($500,000) and I need the site the information can be found... (Continue reading)