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How do I get personal loan and credit consolidation loan as well?

P.M asked: I need some personal loan and a loan to pay off my credit card. I went on one site called lending tree it rejected my appeal as I have a short credit history and too much balance on... (Continue reading)

What is the max car loan I could get having no credit history and putting around $2500-$3000 down?

Katy Baucco asked: I would like a car loan between 6 and 9 grand and I was just wondering if that would be possible. If not what is the highest amount I would be able to receive in this scenario?... (Continue reading)

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Can a 89 year old with a home and good credit history get a business loan?

Dale asked: My grandmother is 89 and she really wants to open a business, she still hasnt retired yet and shes still very strong woman, would it be possible for her to get a business loan to help me start... (Continue reading)

Do i have a good chance of getting approved for this auto loan?

Diana asked: So I’m trying to get an auto loan for a 08 Nissan sentra cost of $9, 475. I have a credit score of 645 with very little credit history. Jst a credit card with a 600 credit limit... (Continue reading)

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How do I get a used car loan wihout any credit history?

Anonymous asked: I have applied on a variety of online websites for a used car loan. They will deny me as I have no credit history. I tried CapitalOne and eLoan as well. My income is about $1400 monthly. I... (Continue reading)

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What can I expect the terms of my Auto Loan to look like?

Luis asked: My credit score range is 680-730. My credit history is only about 3 years old but it is spotless meaning I have never missed or been late on a single payment. I have 3 credit cards with a... (Continue reading)

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Where can I get an auto loan with little/bad credit?

Mollie asked: I need to get an auto loan, but I have little credit history. I don’t feel comfortable giving my personal information to some of these online sites. Can anyone recommend a legitimate company? I am looking at buying... (Continue reading)

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How do I get credit for student loan payments?

Lexi EB asked: My grandfather co-signed a private student loan for me. Now that I am done with school, I am the one paying off the loan but since my grandfather co-signed it shows up on his credit report and... (Continue reading)

How will having a cosigner affect the boost to my credit score on an auto loan?

A puppy **Rainbow Dash!!** asked: My brother is going to cosign an auto loan for me (he has fantastic credit, while I have a limited credit history, nothing bad just not much on it). When the loan is paid off... (Continue reading)

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What are my chances of getting an auto loan with only 1 active account on my credit?

Rich asked: Im 18, This will be my first auto loan. Not really looking for a co-signer. June makes it 6 months that Navy Federal gave me my credit card. I was approved for $500. Since getting my credit card,... (Continue reading)

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