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Is it better to take out a personal loan or apply for another credit card?

coachgirl_09 asked: I am trying to pay off credit card bills ($2,000 in credit card debt), get a new laptop and set aside $2,000 for a deposit on an apartment for next year. Is it better to take out a... (Continue reading)

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Can get a home loan while working with a debt reduction place?

Luke M asked: I need 2 get my credit card debt under control bad but need a home loan? What should i do?Asked on: 2012-11-19 17:42:30... (Continue reading)

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Should I pay off car loan early or save for a home?

ChyTay asked: I will be moving in with family and will not have the cost of rent and utiltiies. Should I pay extra towards the principle of my car loan, or should i bank the extra money for a down... (Continue reading)

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what will happen if I condolidate my credit card debt with my auto loan?

Whatever already asked: My bank is wanting me to take the debt from my credit card and consolidate it with my auto loan ( both from the same bank). This sounds like its too good to be true. Hopefully someone... (Continue reading)

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How much debt is too much when you want to apply for a home loan?

cdp224 asked: I would like to apply for a home loan, but I have some credit card debt. I have good credit – never missed a payment, never been late, etc. I just don’t know if having credit card debt... (Continue reading)

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What are the steps to buying a home via a va home loan?

cdngirl80 asked: We’re a military family, and I believe eligible for a VA home loan. We have about 30K in credit card debt, but are hoping to pay it off before applying for the loan. Just wanted some info on... (Continue reading)

What are the chances of me getting a private student loan? I have bad credit but a cosigner with great credit?

stfu asked: I am an independent student, and I need to take out a student loan to help finance some of my educational expenses. My credit score is crappy (573. do to being a dumb teenager that rack up loads... (Continue reading)

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It is a buyer’s market – I understand that. Home equity loans, how do they work?

C S asked: If I purchase a home for $300,000, but it is appraised for $350,000, will I have automatic built-in equity that I can use to consolidate $12,000 in school loans and credit card debt? Or, will I still... (Continue reading)

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How much of a home loan can I qualify for? Most “affordability” calculators online show a low loan amount.

MzHazelnut22 asked: My husband and I live in Southern California and we are planning on getting pre-qualified for a home soon. I want to know what to expect as far as the amount of a home loan we can qualify... (Continue reading)

When doing a home loan modification, the term “Servicer” comes up a lot. Who is the “Servicer”?

Me asked: For example, they gave me a three month payment trial. The payment is excellent compared to what I pay now but the document states that I must pay that to the “Servicer”. “On or before each of the... (Continue reading)

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