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Is it possible to get a student loan with bad credit and no cosigner?

Alicia asked: I am trying to get approved for a student loan with bad credit and without a cosigner. I had to drop 2 classes this semester because I couldn’t pay for them. If you know of any banks that... (Continue reading)

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How to get a small business loan?

.KNL. asked: How would one go about getting a small business loan if he or she has poor-fair credit? I realize that they would need a cosigner for most financed purchases. I just don’t know if business loans work the... (Continue reading)

What’s the best student loan for someone without a cosigner?

q(^_^)p asked: I rly need a student loan and was wondering if anyones had any luck getting a decent loan with no cosigner. Any advice or personal experieces would be greatly appreciated.Asked on: 2012-06-11 13:02:58... (Continue reading)

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What are the chances of me getting a private student loan? I have bad credit but a cosigner with great credit?

stfu asked: I am an independent student, and I need to take out a student loan to help finance some of my educational expenses. My credit score is crappy (573. do to being a dumb teenager that rack up loads... (Continue reading)

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How much does having a cosigner help you when looking for an auto loan?

Taelor T asked: So I’m 19 had the same job for 3 years 2 credit cards never been late on a payment and i can’t get an auto loan for 7,000. I’ve tried Schools credit union and Golden1. If I... (Continue reading)

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How difficult is it to get a student loan through Wells Fargo?

asked: I’m thinking of attending a community college that doesn’t have federal student loan coverage. I would need a private loan to finance my education, and I’m thinking about trying for Wells Fargo. When should I apply for that, and... (Continue reading)

Is it possible to get a student loan from a bank without a cosigner?

Katastic asked: I need to get a student loan for school for around $40,000, but I have no one to cosign for me. Can I get a bank to cosign? Is there any other options for me to get a... (Continue reading)

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