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What do lenders look for when giving out car loans?

Nickaroni asked: I want to buy a car, and am considering applying for a car loan. What do lenders look for as a bare minimum to get a loan? I have no possibilities for a co-signer, I have been in... (Continue reading)

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Is it better to get a personal loan to buy a car?

Hi Ok Bye! asked: A friend told me that if I get a car loan, I will end up paying too much on insurance. He recommended I take a personal loan. Do you have any experience in car loans? What... (Continue reading)

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How to pay off car loans when life get harder?

Cipher asked: I have about $16000 in car loan and my bank is making automatic payments to the car dealership. Currently I’m in personal financial crisis and I need to find a better way to ease up. Every month I... (Continue reading)

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Is it smart to use a home equity loan to pay off car loans, and a line of credit?

motormank asked: My husband and I need to lower our monthly payments. We have no debt except a line of credit for $60,000 with the payment of $410 and two car loans both adding up to about $25,000 and the... (Continue reading)

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Loan calculator?

larryw43160 asked: Can someone tell me where I can find a loan calculator on line for car loans and that sort of thing. thanksAsked on: 2009-01-24 19:19:36... (Continue reading)

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Can I get a personal loan with a recent foreclosure on my credit?

Natalie M asked: I have about $6000 in credit cards and two car loans that equal $36,000. I would like to refinance my car loans and pay off my credit cards. Do you think anyone would give me a personal... (Continue reading)

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Auto Loans Rates-auto Loans at Your Interest Rate

Carney Alden asked:   The demand for a car is increasing by leaps and bounds. There being a great change in the way a car is made these days, the size and the shapes being attractive, people feel great urges... (Continue reading)

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How do you obtain a personal loan from a bank?

juicy asked: I need a personal loan to pay off my bills and basically just get caught up financially, and is considering going to a bank and asking for a personal loan for the first time. Other than student loans,... (Continue reading)

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