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Is it detrimental to my credit when buying a home to have a car loan on my credit?

mgroff80 asked: I’m asking for my GF. She has no car loans, just active credit cards with zero balance, a 744 credit score. She wants to know if she retains a car loan, and then goes to get a home... (Continue reading)

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How does trading a car affect the outcome of a home loan?

Benji asked: I want to know if its a bad idea to trade in my $11k car for an equal value truck. I am going to be buying a home in about 4 months, and i don’t want the trade... (Continue reading)

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Can I get a home mortgage if I have a lot of student loan debt?

Star_1320 asked: I have debt from school, but I am interested in buying a home. Would I be able to get a mortgage?Asked on: 2010-05-15 04:41:21 Incoming search terms:can i get a house loan if i have student loan debt?GET... (Continue reading)

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Why would someone go with an FHA home loan over a Conventional?

dhallkb asked: I am married and my husband has quite a bit of debt I do not plan on paying off priot to buying a home. If I go FHA, his debt is added to my debt even though I... (Continue reading)

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Home loan interest rate – was I quoted wrong?

Maber asked: My husband and I are buying a home. The home we are looking at is about $73,000. We were quoted a 6.25% interest rate for a 30 year note with a monthly payment of $908 (without tti). This... (Continue reading)

Applying for a personal loan will it affect us in buying a home?

YSM asked: We payed down our credit cards and we need a personal loan to pay off a college degree and do some fixer upper in the house we have now. We want to buy another home will this affect... (Continue reading)

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What type of home loan is best for someone with 680 Credit score, no money down?

The Skizzanator asked: I’m looking to buy a home. My credit score is 680, but I have no money to put down. What is the best loan option for me? A friend is buying a home and he says his... (Continue reading)

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