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How long should we be employed in Australia to get home loan there? Will banks accept income from Hongkong?

asked: We are Aussie PR and will move there shortly. Which bank is best for getting home loan?Asked on: 2012-12-08 21:28:17... (Continue reading)

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Where can I get an International personal loan?

Lizzie asked: I need a personal loan of $2000 to pay airfare for me and kids to Australia. My husband has got a secure job there and will pay loan back. Is there someone that can help with loan or... (Continue reading)

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which bank in Australia is the easiest to get a home loan with?

Mia asked: looking to get a home loan. Which banks are the easiest to approve applications? all opinions welcome!Asked on: 2012-10-27 15:13:53... (Continue reading)

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Does a home loan in a foreign country affect getting a home in Australia?

May asked: My husband has a home loan in India (for his parents) and we are looking to get a home loan in Australia for ourselves very soon. Will there be any problem when we take out an Australian home... (Continue reading)

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