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What are the current interest rates for a personal loan of $21,000 what would be the monthly payment and time?

superstar asked: Can you get a personal loan for 4 or 5 years? If the loan will be be used for home improvement is it best to get that type of loan? Just need help in making a decision. Specific... (Continue reading)

How should I alter my home loan given the current interest rate cut?

asked: I would appreciate some advice as to how I should alter my home loan. I am currently struggling with the home loan payments I am currently on. I have a mortgage of $ 658000 at an interest rate of... (Continue reading)

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What’s the best student loan for someone without a cosigner?

q(^_^)p asked: I rly need a student loan and was wondering if anyones had any luck getting a decent loan with no cosigner. Any advice or personal experieces would be greatly appreciated.Asked on: 2012-06-11 13:02:58... (Continue reading)

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Personal Loans?

Alyssa asked: I’m planning on moving soon due to a job change and I’ve been looking up personal loans to take out to cover the expenses until I get on my feet with my new job. I recently opened up... (Continue reading)

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I want to broker auto loans from my home office, but have no ideal how to get started. advice, please?

cj.lowery asked: I currently work in the mortgage financing industry. I would like to be able to refinance my customers auto loans along with their home loans. Many of them do not have the equity to pay their auto loans... (Continue reading)

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What to look for when shopping around for home equity loans?

27amDotCom asked: Any advice on what to look for when shopping around for home equity loans? Are there referral commissions? I have a couple of individuals looking for a home equity loan … I told them I’d look into it... (Continue reading)

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What is the best personal loan to take out? Are there any with little to no interest?

pisces220 asked: I am thinking of taking a personal loan this year to help me with some extra expenses. Any advice? Thanks!Asked on: 2007-10-28 19:41:31... (Continue reading)

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