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Why did Democrats attach student loan legislation to the already massive health care reform bill?

Sara asked:

Now they can claim that anyone who votes against it does not want college kids getting loans.
Asked on: 2012-03-13 21:32:23

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  1. Kyle says:

    So they could squeeze even more hard earned dollars from the working class citizens they supposedly represent.

  2. To try and buy votes to pass the disaster of a health care bill and for a chance for the federal gov to run something else

  3. They have so much in common.

    Democrats will vote for what is good and right.

    Republicans vote against everything.

  4. 2 Thumbs says:

    B/c they know it sucks and won’t pass w/o being forced through.

  5. White Bear says:

    Because neither bill can pass on its own. and it was a vote paid for by Pelosi it is just more pork to a bill that will cost trillions and the tax payer will never be able to pay for it.

  6. STM says:

    It wasn’t true Democrats, it was Progressives, a virus that has infected both parties and is basically Socialist-light.

    At this point, I don’t see it passing without causing another revolution considering how angry everyone is that the legislators are trying to force more unconstitutional bills down our throat that will fundamentally change our lives.

  7. David says:

    because he knows he will get enough American “suckers” to support him in anything he wants.

  8. Anthony W says:

    They always put garbage in bills that have nothing to do with the bills themselves, it’s the democrats way of screwing the country at every opportunity.

  9. GOZ2FAST says:

    Because they not only want to control your health, what you eat, if you eat, how you eat, when or if you get to see a doctor or get an operation, controlling when or if you are born, they also want to control IF you get an education…you have to keep serfs stupid or they will rise up and kick you out of office.

  10. Archiefan says:

    Good question. Another thing to add to this ridiculous bill! As if it isn’t big and hideous enough already! I think they will wake up in November though when the PEOPLE actually get a say….

  11. Gordon O says:

    WHY-not they are going to need a bunch of new HC professionals…

  12. It’s called being efficient. Kill two birds with one stone.

  13. Marshall says:

    From what I hear they were suppose to make people happy. might work since about 70% default on them anyway and the banks lend the money and get a commission and then the government has to pay them anyway. Why not add some more for ACORN.

  14. CSM says:

    Funny thing is that’s the only thing I support in the bill. What it has to do with healthcare is beyond me though. Stuff like this just makes a mockery of our Legislative Branch.

  15. yutsnark says:

    So that both bills can be passed at once. The student load legislation is needed, so why delay?

  16. Rod J says:

    Universities are massive indoctrination centers for progressive thought. What better way to enlarge the entitlement generation than to run more and more young people through the “thought mill”.

  17. Mujer Alta says:

    It’s to produce more family practioners. You know, regular doctors. Most MDs get loans for med school. When they graduate they are usually close to $100,000 or more in debt so if their hearts are set on a career in general medicine, they can’t afford to pay back their loans with that kind of practice so they specialize. America has relatively few family physicians compared to other developed countries. By guaranteeing prospective MDs low-interest rate loans and making it possible for MDs who serve under-served populations to have part of their loans waived, more family doctors will be available to serve the America public.

  18. And people don’t realize that the student loan legislation will give the government complete control over student loans. In the legislation, only the government will have the authority to administer student loans. All private loans will be made illegal. People better wake up!! Obama is the most dangerous person to ever hold office of the presidency in this country. This man is more a threat to our freedoms than Woodrow Wilson was.

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