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Is student loan debt taken into consideration when a landlord approves a tenant for leasing an apartment?


I’m a recent college graduate with a steady income and a student loan that is not in default. I’m looking to lease an apartment, and I heard that landlords are not allowed to count student loan debt against a person when evaluating their credit and debt. Is this true?
Asked on: 2010-01-30 05:43:28


  1. Chris says:

    No. If you deferred your loans till after college then they cant hold the loans against you.

    If you do a credit check on yourself or the landlord does one on you, it will show up but it’ll show that you’ve not started payments on it yet and is deferred.

    You should be fine. im 99.9% sure. Only thing they look for when they check your credit is to actually see if you make your payments on your bills.. Kinda like seeing how dependable you are for your rent money.
    Because on the credit reports it show’s if you’ve missed any payments blah blah. or if you have ever been late on any.. Shows how much debt you owe total. And they dont show your hospital bills either incase you might have some of them. Im not sure but i dont think they can turn hospital bills in on your credit.. NOT SURE.. Just what ive heard.

  2. Sevauhn says:

    This is the first I am hearing of this.
    If you are not in default it would not be on your credit report. so the only way the land lord would know is if u told

  3. As long as you’re paying them on time, you shouldn’t worry about it.

    Any debts in default are shown on your credit report. If you’ve cleared them up and feel they should no longer be on your report, u need to contact the crediting bureau.

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