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How often does interest accumulate on an unsubsidized Stafford student loan from the government?

Level T asked:

The interest rate on an unsubsidized Stafford student loan is 6.8%. How often does interest acculumate on such a loan? For example, if my loan is $5000, how do I calculate when and how much interest is capitalized onto the loan. Thank you for your help.
Asked on: 2009-01-14 04:06:16

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  1. Mary S says:

    You should not have to pay any interest , certainly not 6.8%. You are being fleeced.

    Report it to the law enforcement agency near you it is loan sharking and is illegal in the UK

  2. tototoo82 says:

    The unsubsidized interest continues to accumulate, which is why the lenders have the question, do you want to pay unsub interest while you’re in school?. Once you leave school it capitalizes, (adds to the original balance) and then you get to start paying interest on the new balance.

    You ought to meet with a financial aid officer at your school to get a more precise answer.

  3. Interest accumulates continuously. That’s why it’s adviseable to pay off as much as possible every month. The payments are recalculated when you ask to pay the loan off or when you change the payment schedule.

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