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How do I get my student loans waived for teaching English abroad?

David asked:

I will be teacing English in Spain this fall andI heard that student loan debt can be waived if the recipient has taught English abroad. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, I want to know what to do.
Asked on: 2012-12-19 03:38:53


  1. Meg D says:

    No, that’s not true. All loans received under programs authorized by Title IV, of the Higher Education Act can be canceled for several different circumstances including: (1) in the event of your death; or (2) if you become totally and permanently disabled after the loan is disbursed.

    In addition, some loan types may qualify for loan discharge under a variety of conditions. Some of the most common cancellation provisions are listed for you below:

    * the school you attended improperly certified your ability to benefit from the training given.
    * the school you attended closed while you were in attendance or within 90 days after you withdrew from the school.
    * A National Defense Student Loan can be canceled in 2 additional circumstances: (1) full-time teaching and (2) military service.
    * Finally, your obligation to repay your loan may be discharged in bankruptcy.

  2. Cool D says:

    Read a tips how to get your student loan:

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