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Is this a good business?


One of my good friends here in the uk, has his own business I take great delight in calling him a white van man!! he has a cleaning business and says it’s quite profitable, would you agree?

As far as I know it’s just him and he cleans bars/houses, is this a good business could I take that back to the states?

If so here are my questions…

How easy is it to see up?

What should I expect to make a week?

What help if any can I get to help start up?

Anything else you may find relevant is appreciated!!


  1. ShadowCat says:

    I think this can’t took long period

  2. netkomm says:

    You are still trading Time for Money. My advice is to approach a business that allows you repeated sales with no extra time outlay.

  3. JLMelvin says:

    Cleaning businesses are businesses that are always in demand.

    Especially if you provide a great service.

    Read the articles posted in the link below to find out more.

  4. cujo2368 says:

    if his in this buisnes then ask him he should be the best one to ask after all if your takin it to the states then you wont be treadin on his buisness

  5. SheBandit77 says:

    I have a friend who does this in Ohio. He has employeed one or 2 others to help him, been in business for 5 years..
    He makes a killing!!!
    He cleans restaurants , such as Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Lobster, ect..
    Good Luck, it does not take much to start..
    Just be sure to hook up with the proper chemials and industrial equiptments..

  6. D* says:

    Sure why would you need to start a cleaning business when your gonna be famous soon??

    Unless you got someone else to run it for you, then you’d have something to fall back on.


  7. iChrist says:

    Manual labor like cleaning jobs are highly paying jobs if u r not skilled (like an accountant)

    One man businesses (sole trader) are easy to set up and u can get from local banks and government offices

    To assess this one man business, u have to guess how many places he is cleaning in a week and how many will u get to clean (market share) in a week. and then how much money u will get from them and how many expenses u will make in a week

    Your Income from cleaning in that week – Your expenses for cleaning in that week = money u will make in that week

    As for taking to USA, same strategy (plan)

    For more info try google

    “small business +cleaning business”

  8. martic says:

    This easiest way to set up would be to buy a cleaning franchise where you are part of a well-known group and they set you up and give you training but you are still your own boss.
    There is a great demand for cleaning and it’s not just restaurants but private homes (merry maids), offices etc..

  9. Tim T says:

    You mention taking this to the states. You will not survive in business cleaning in the states for the following reasons.

    1. You will be competing against thousands of Mexicans offering the same service earning below the minimum wage.

    2. If you are cleaning in bars the only extra work you could undertake is that of the pipes and that too is well covered and established by cheap labour.

    3. Setting up in the states is difficult to impossible unless you are an american. You would not get a visa based on this.

    4. If you want to set up over there, set up a company. Delaware state offers the best terms and ease of filing.

    5. In the USA get money up front or you will never get paid!


  10. Jess says:

    Yes, this is a good bussiness my mum dose it for a living she cleans at least 42 bars in one week just doing theres toilets after they shut and my mum brings home like $800 a week for her first year thats pretty good and she dose houses about 3 a week at $250 per house so you work it out my mum is neally loaded with the amount of money she brings in trust me your mate has a good business.

  11. Cotes du Rhone girl. says:

    All good answers here. Might give you some ideas for your songs too. You might end up singing wash tub blues……….
    I can see it already…….
    Best of luck. :)

  12. onbiz says:

    Yes it is a good business. You can easily make very good cash working part time. I would suggest you learn a bit about it and then go for it.

    One thing I have learned, you work an hour you get paid an hour in a service business. With online businesses, once you get them established, you work an hour you keep getting paid.

    This site has some ideas on both, online and service businesses you may want to check out.

  13. Crystal says:

    First thing to learn about businesses is that everyone is different, and you can’t expect yours to be exactly the same as his.


    Well what do you need? A van. Go to a second hand car sales place and check out the prices. They go from £500 to several thousand. Cleaning equipment? Ask him how much he got his for and do your research. Due to high taxes over here, it’ll probably be cheaper for you to get it in the states. When you’ve got all of your equipment, you’ll need to advertise. Advertise anywhere you can, but don’t get on people’s nerves. DON’T put cards on people’s windscreens in car parks or hijack message boards with spam. DO leaflet your local area, advertise in shop windows and newspapers. You’ll need to ask him what prices he charges to get a rough idea. He should be happy to help, as it’s hardly competition to him when you’re in the USA.


    When you get home you’ll need to phone around companies to see how much it will be to buy your equipment. Make sure you have a detailed list of everything you need. Look around yourself and see if a cleaner is needed in your area. How do pubs or restaurants get their place cleaned as it is? Maybe send out a survey and offer 50% off their first clean if completed.


    In the UK the most favourable is Business Link. . You can give them a call and they should send you all the necessary advice. However, remember this is only for the UK usually. When you go home, have a look what services are offered there. You can get a low interest loan or grant for a small business, however, it is VERY hard to get one. You have to produce a business plan, meet certain criteria such as your postcode area, salary, type of business etc. Put it this way, I phoned way over 50 organisations I was eligible to get a business grant from and I was denied from them all for various reasons such as area.

    You will need money to start off with. Most grants work where you spend £4000 on everything you need then they’ll refund 50%. So you go and spend, then send all the receipts and they’ll credit you with £2000 back. However, they don’t do VAT, so you can’t claim any of that back. You do need money to start off with, so if you’re going to get a loan, then you’ll need to do your research.


    I don’t know about you, but in our country after 3 months of working, whether you earn 10p or £10,000 you’ll need to register as self-employed. You have to keep books, tax records etc. I keep my own books then give them to the accountant at the end of the year. If you do get in motion, then get an account, because he’ll save you hundreds by knowing all the curves and dips and extras you can claim back. Perhaps take a book-keeping course, as it’ll help you no end.

    Business takes a lot of hard work, and you’ll soon learn how to take a lot of knock backs. However, it’s very rewarding when you get through the first stages.

  14. sweetpea says:

    hello! i would like to give a fuller answer but it looks like every one beat me to the punch!! yes that is a good business if you like that kind of work.any thing you like to do makes it easier to do! i would like to find some thing that i like to do vs. just making money, im am really tired of those kind of jobs!!

  15. 私は涼しい says:

    I thought East Bay Punk died?

    Did you listen to a lot of Link80?

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