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How is it that the only things that black people are being afforded access to are purely destructive ??

Is this deliberate, or am i yet another conspiracy theorist.
How is it that we are offered the worst standards of education, health care, oportunities to advancement, employment, business loans, etc.
It appears to me that the only things the powers that be afford blacks in abundance are weapons and drugs, to kill themselves, and contrary to what mis-educated people think there is nowhere in the Carribean that produces opium, so not only who, but how are these evil by products able to consistently find there way into the places that have the highest concentration of black people.


  1. chill says:

    theres no segregation…were all the “afforded access” to the same things…

  2. micheleh27 says:

    it is deliberate imo

  3. Devane says:

    lack of education buddy. the truth shall set you free. my mother taught me on her own time because my school was not sufficient. Stop being lazy and whinning and get up and make a difference. Stop putting yourself in that category. You can do whatever you want. If you don’t like your neighborhood move and if you can’t afford it break your back until you can.

  4. TOBY D says:

    Cocaine doesn’t come from opium, it comes from the coca bush, which is abundant in the Carribean. Crack comes from cocaine.

    A bit more research is required I think.

    EDIT – Twice bitten – beautifully put.

  5. chris says:

    because they haven’t evolved as far as white people yet, but they will eventually drag themselves out of the gutter and into the 21st century. and you can see this in this country, most of the gangs and problems on the streets are caused by blacks(your word not mine)

    looking at the answers here, i can see that they also feel so sorry for themselves, that they can only see the negatives, one guy has said black people have more oppotunities than whites, which we all know is true, as the police and various goverment agencies have to employ a certain amount of minorities, and he still got the thumbs down, the truth hurt doesn’t it, let the thumbs down begin !

  6. videogamer_reborn says:

    Its not black people, I feel that it is poor people. They are given drugs and a bunch of crime regardless of race….

    The poor are given things that are purely destructive. Why do you think the poor always fight in the war?

  7. Nuf said says:

    it’s not the govt. it’s the society that worships crime and easy money, like drugs and guns (VERY easy money) that is deteriorating. Trust me I’ve seen much worse cultures and they do it all themselves. There is a lot of theory about the black american culture (im assuming thats what you are) from within the community, but no one else seems to agree.

    hey videogame, whaddya mean you’ve “given” a bunch of crime and drugs? by whom, have you ever met anyone that even claimed they got their gun from the government?

  8. soulflower says:

    A study of history will show you that the “worst” things are often pawned off on the weakest members of a society.

    Many of the people who create and distribute guns and drugs are not specifically racist, but see a niche to be filled.

    These people simply do not recognize our humanity or care about how they are making their money. If they could make money from green haired, orange polka-dotted people, they would.

    What WE must do as Black people is to make sure not to fall victim to what these people do.

    Anyone can bait a hook but we don’t have to BITE.

  9. Facebook F says:

    I think 50 cents and snoop doggy dog are the causes of problems in the black community…. If you got rid of the rappers, the pop artists, and the negative media attention that is often directed towards african americans, the problems would go away.

  10. twice bitten says:

    we make our own in mass [Dorchester/Roxbury and Mattapan are the three major “black”enclaves.the Asians that live here and attend the same schools as our children graduate at 95% as opposed to our 45%.they get the same health care/jobs/loans etc.and they accomplish this with the difficulties of doing so in a land where the language is not theirs.
    WE are to men have let our children down.we chase the easy money instead of embrassing hard work.we go to prison as a result .leaving our children at an economic and disapline defecit.we dis respect our own women in our art and our actions.and then when we get released from prison we teach our children that we haven’t succedded because we are black.
    when we finaly as a people embrase the same standards as the other races we shall finaly BE equals as a people instead of only haveing individuals who have acheived equality.
    in summation we need to grow a generation that has fathers at home ,leading their children by example.telling them “you can do can achieve anything”just one full generation raised with dignatey and responsibility and we will have full and unquestioned equality.

  11. Celeste says:

    I have to disagree with you, public education in most large cities is horrible period. It has nothing to do with being black. My kids are mixed, we have lived in Atlanta and now in New Orleans which are so called “black cities” the schools my kids attended and now attend had maybe 4 or 5 kids who weren’t black and they were great schools. What about colleges like Spelman and Xavier University? Also great schools. Loans are based on your credit score not your race, everyone knows that! Pay your bills on time, you ll be able to get a loan when you need one. I work for a fortune 500 company in New Orleans, 90% of my coworkers are black and all but 3 of the entire executive team is black. These idiotic teens who choose to kill each other and sell drugs or commit crimes use being black as an excuse. They have choices like everyone else and if they choose to live that way that’s on their shoulders. Every ethnic group has criminals. Yea its very unfortunate that racism still exists and it goes both ways, but quit using it as an excuse. You can have anything you want in life but you have to work for it like everyone else. Whites do not get everything handed to them. I had to get good grades and struggle through college to graduate. I had to get financial aid, I got no scholarship. I went into debt, got bad credit and couldn’t even rent an apartment because of it. I got my s**t together and paid things off because I was tired of living that way. Bottom line is…quit whining and using being black as an excuse. Everyone has hard times its up to you to change it.

  12. crywater2000 says:

    what is fasination with blks. all your ignorant questions revolve around blks.

  13. musica says:

    Some of what you say is true for some.

    However, there is another side to the story, you know.

    I would recommend that you take the time to read your history, and also the biographies of successful black people past and present… and you’ll discover that many of them were truly self-made men and women, despite having disadvantaged backgrounds and having considerable seemingly unsurmountable obstacles placed in front of them. They didn’t wait for someone to make a way for them…they forged their own paths.

    Ever since slavery times, black people had stepped out of “comfort zones” many times over to better their lives and the lives of others around them. In the past, they risked a lot to do this, including death. A lot of them started with nothing…and after much blood, sweat and sometimes tears, they experienced success beyond their wildest dreams.

    Despite what propogandists like to spin on FOX news, there are many successful black men and women who got to where they are, not because someone gave them something, or they relied on the government to “do right by them”… but because they made up their mind to be someone. They were determined and they developed and kept faith in themselves, and maintained a positive mental attitude even when it seemed the odds were against them, even when haters shouted louder than they could hear their inner voice saying “go for it.” When they fell on their butts, they might have cried a little…but then they got up, dusted themselves off, and started over again.

    Successful people, regardless of race, know how to keep their eyes on the prize, and they perservere…they don’t take “no” for an answer…and if the PTB or anyone else says, “you can’t”, they know the only real response is “oh yeah? just watch me!”

    They KNOW that quitters never win, and winners never quit.

    Successful people know that delaying gratification is necessary for success! They know to stay away from destructive things like weapons, drugs, overeating, misuse of alcohol, and not engaging in unprotected sex.

    Sure, they were labeled “nerds”, or “goody goodies” or told they were “acting white” but they didn’t let it bother them…and now a lot of those folks are enjoying the fruits of their labors, even if they’re not necessarily rich or famous. No one waved a magic wand over them. They simply took that proverbial lemon life occasional gives out, and made that lemonade.

    Being black doesn’t mean you are doomed to an awful life, any more than being white or any other race is a guarantee for a successful, trouble free life. There are plenty of white people who are impoverished, too. Just look at Appalachia, or even go into the rescue missions, homeless shelters or on the streets of major cities and small towns across the US and you’ll see them.

    Bottom line: It really does all come down to making the right personal choices…no matter what your race or ethnicity. At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to decide what we want for our lives…and then to go for it…no matter what.

  14. buggerlugs says:

    I know many black people mostly all are professionals and have good jobs etc as theyve worked hard for it-you wont get it handed on a plate mate whatever your colour. We all have choices to make

  15. overnight celebrity says:

    Caribbean, not Carribean.
    Good question.
    Your theory is correct in a sense. Access to such items (and a lack of allocation of resources by the powers-that-be to the removal of such access) is common to all poor areas and all who inhabit them, regardless of skin tone.
    Dead poor people do not claim benefits, use the healthcare system, vote for parties who consider money to be of higher importance than people, commit crime or stray into richer areas where no one wants to see or hear them.
    Dividing people by “race” prevents them coming together and achieving the realisation that they have a common enemy.
    Unity is strength, division is an easy, cheap control mechanism.

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