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I paid an attorney to do a loan modification. It didn’t work, and now my home is going into foreclosure. I d?

Oscar asked:

I paid $1500 to an attorney for a loan modification (in Florida) and I was told by him not to pay my mortgage. He didn’t do the modification. Now my home is going into foreclosure and he wants another $500.00 to represent me. Is there anyone that I can report him to for not doing the work that I asked him to do? I don’t want to lose my home.
Asked on: 2012-10-01 22:34:11


  1. the kid says:

    The ONLY one who can modify your loan is your lender. The attorney who said he could is a scam artist. Report him to the bar association of your state.

    You really though not paying your mortgage was a good idea?

  2. A loan modification is approved by your lender. There is no guarantee that anyone other than your lender is able to approve your modification request.

    Anyone else is simply helping you complete the modification documents your lender would send to you.

    You indicated he did not do the modification. How do you know if he did the modification or not or if the modification was denied?

    Did he present any paper work to you from your mortgage lender indicating you had been denied your applied for modification.

    Apparently you have not been looking at the latest news or business program in print media or on TV about obtaining the service of an attorney or loan modification company that would tell you not to pay your mortgage company. This is a no no.

    To report this attorney you would have to find the local Bar Association and report questions concerning his legal and moral ethics. You might ask this attorney to give you the documents he submitted to your lender requesting the loan modification.

    Contact your mortgage lender to find out if there are programs that are available to you to save your house.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

    “FIGHT ON:

  3. Landlord says:

    He can modify your home. You can’t report him for not doing something that is IMPOSSIBLE in hte first place. Get real.

    You need to stop throwing money at him and cough up those funds you thought you coudl just keep to the bank.

  4. reenzz says:

    Report him for what??? Did he guarantee you…in writing…that he would get a mod. for you??? No…only a lender can approve a mod. It was your choice to hire an attorney…which was stupid on your part.

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