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Does this articale change your opinion of Al Gore and Man Made Global Warming?

che_obama asked:

“Small car company (Overseas…) backed by Gore to get $500M Fed loan from US government to build high end hybrid sports cars.

You think the typical middle class American will be driving one of these to the plant?

F*cking Great!

Follow the money…..
Asked on: 2009-12-25 17:18:00


  1. No, I’ve always known it was BS.

  2. This may surprise you, but climate change is something that affects every human on the planet, rich, middle class or poor. So what’s the problem with him working to get high-end hybrids made?

  3. Bob G says:

    Its always about the money and gullible people.

    It doesn’t change my opinion because I’ve known fro a long time Gore and global warming were frauds.

  4. Seaworthy says:

    Nope. Not one iota.

    I’d bet dime to dollars that your great-great-great-great grandparents were the people in the streets yelling at the new cars going down the road, “GET A HORSE!!”

    Times change. Circumstances change. Human beings will either adapt or become extinct.

    It’s just a matter of how long it takes the stupid to get on board with the program.

  5. Nope. But it does reinforce the opinion that I already had 😉

  6. Hurtsdonut says:

    No, because my opinion has always been that it’s just a scam for profit. The carbon credits, the “green'” trend in construction and products… it’s all about the Benjamins.

  7. i wouldn’t mind that car, it’s sleek and sexy

  8. His professor, Roger Ravelle, later decided that he was wrong about the whole thing.

    He was the same professor Gore talks about in An Inconvenient Truth.

  9. LOL, yes…follow the money. Oil and gas companies are spending millions of dollars on propaganda to convince Americans that we don’t need to do anything about C02 emissions and yet the global warming deniers see nothing wrong in connecting Al Gore’s education campaign to economic interests of his own.

    Complete hypocrisy and faulty logic.

  10. Him flying back and forth in a private plane for books and movies and stuff is what really causes global warming. I wonder if he forget about it then.

  11. good guy says:

    you want competition? Let america build a good gas saving vehicle, and america will buy it. And no, global warming/climate change is real and i believe an overwhelming number of scientists/climatologists who say this, despite all the climate hoaxers, who are usually the same ones that are birthers and deathers.

  12. Chelseamae6 says:

    It was so easy for them to make Al Gore the face of man-made global warming since he lost the presidency so unfairly but had so many supporters. It’s a shame people fall into this and believe the hoax.

  13. DebbieP says:

    The deal may be politics as usual, but global warming and climate change are not. We ignore it at our peril and once we go past the tipping point, there will be no turning back.

  14. EssieLou says:

    It’s always been about emotional manipulation, not fact.

  15. ohbrother says:

    There are nearly 251 million passenger vehicles on American roads. That is not counting commercial vehicles. Train, planes and ships use petroleum based fuels. Batteries that give any distance are years away. Yesterday on ABC radio they told of another oil deposit found that is bigger than anything found so far. We don’t need electric cars right now, especially taxpayer funded $90,000 sports cars to reward Democrat campaign contributors. What a lame excuse, it will lead to a car they haven’t designed yet. We need to develop our own resources before the middle east and South America cuts off our oil. These are the same Democrats at the Federal level that will not give the farmers here in Ca. the water they have had for generations to reward the left wing environmentalist for campaign contributions. Gore has made over 110 million on this scam.

    Additional: 31,000 scientist have signed a petition saying Global Warming is bunk. Even the Scientist that did the computer models says now it is flawed.

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