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do any one know where a good site to get a small personal loan for people with bad credit?

sbowens019 asked:

Asked on: 2009-12-12 13:18:32

Incoming search terms:

  • 800-608-8004


  1. Sharon T says:

    I’d be awfully careful dealing with a loan on the internet. Don’t give anyone any money upfront on promises you’ll get a loan.

    Try a credit union in your town or ask someone who knows and respects you. Otherwise, it is hard to get a loan when you have bad credit because you do not have a track record of being financially responsible.

  2. Leo F says:

    No one lends money to someone with bad credit. You can not get out of debt by borrowing more money. Would you lend money to someone who you do not know and to someone who does not pay there bills? All the people that say they are lenders and post here are all the SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A site that could help you find a good payday loan is

  4. Bianca S says:


    I would raise my credit. That will open a lot of closed doors for you. Because with a low credit score your APR will be high. You’d end up paying back way more than you borrowed.You will save a lot of money with a great score because everyone knows the lower your score the more your APR. Check out or call them at 1-800-608-8004. They are known for their great work. They are affordable too. $39/month. They also offer a money back gurantee. So try them they remove late payments, charge offs basically anything that is harming your score. They raise it up in a good amount of time too depends what you have on there and how many points you will recieve determines how much that negative mark is lowering it you’ll get that amount back. Try them they work wonders!!!!!

  5. aztecs950 says:

    check out . They offer many ways to get a personal loan with very low interest rates through P2P lending.

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