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Converting credit card outstanding into personal loan?

I have some 1.5 lac credit card outstanding to be paid at 3.15% monthly. Every month I have to set apart huge amount for credit card payment, due to which I have to give up other important expenses.Now, I’m thinking of getting personal loan to close off the outstanding and spending only small amount for loan repayment. Least interest I could get on personal loan is 15%.

Now, I want to ascertain whether going for PL to close my Credit card outstanding or, continue paying huge amount for credit card.

Please advise me on this…..

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  1. David H says:

    These interest rates are pretty steep. All the same, 15% a year is less than the 37% a year charged on the credit card. All the same there is no point getting a personal loan – UNLESS you destroy the credit card as well. If you don’t you’ll shortly end up with two big debts.

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