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Where can I get a “no credit check” 90 day loan online–please?

Alexandra B asked:

I need a personal loan ASAP…I have looked all over the internet and I have only been able to find loans regarding “next payday loans” or you have to have excellent credit. If someone could give me a RELIABLE company that issues loans longer than 60 days with no credit check I will be forever thankful…please respond back soon.
Asked on: 2009-12-25 04:18:44


  1. DrewD44 says:

    If you live in Australia you wont find anyone willing to give you a loan without a credit check.

  2. Angela B says:

    If you need 1500.00 with no credit check, I wish you luck in your search. Apart from borrowing it from a cousin, family member or on of those next payday loans, this will be a difficult task. Also the “next payday loans” let you borrow based on what your take home pay is. I should also let you know that you have to have a checking account with direct deposit and your account can’t have a lot of overdrafts.

    Also, a good resource is…

    Best of luck to you.

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