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What are some reliable payday loan sites?

Yahoostar asked:

Has anyone ever gotten a payday loan? I am in an emergency and can definitely pay this back by next pay day, however, I don’t know which payday loan company to trust. Any suggestions?
Asked on: 2008-05-18 05:54:00


  1. R C says:

    Reliable and Payday Loan do not belong in the same sentence.

    Borrow from a friend do anything before you go to a payday loan place.

  2. Max P says:

    try this company
    i worked with them when taking a student loan

  3. here is a site that allows you to compare many different payday sites so that you get the best one for your situation. its free!

    good luck

  4. By my experiences, and alot of serious research, you should only work with established, land-based, payday lenders. Many of them also have on-line sites. Also, make absolutely certain that you are dealing with a member of CFSA. CFSA has strict rules and regulations that their member lenders have to follow, these rules and regs are there to protect you, the borrower.

    Additionally, do not, never ever, borrow from more than one payday lender at a time. That is exactly how many people get into trouble with payday loans, by over extending them selves beyond the qualified amount given by a lender. Too many of these people then accuse and blame the payday loan industry for creating their troubles, when it was their decision, that they made, to over-extend themselves.

    One of my personal favorite lenders is

    Also, research to see why that is so important.

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