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Payday Loan?

Ariana B asked:

We are in need of some money until payday and I was wondering what payday loan website is good. I know some say payday loans are bad but they are only bad if you dont pay it back the next paycheck and my husband gets a bonus next week so we will be paying it back next week. Anyone have an idea of a good site?
Asked on: 2009-03-20 18:30:18


  1. Queen of HB says:

    FYI they can charge you a ridiculous amount of interest on the loan anywhere from 20-99%. Be careful and read the fine print.

  2. deaddolly says:

    US Fast Cash.
    You can see your balance and make payment arrangements easily online. Others make you fax your pay back info.

  3. sara says:

    i would not advise you doing it over a website. there are so many catches. the interest on pay day loans are usually extremely high, but if you have no other choice, i would advise that you look a company up through the better business bureau before doing business with them- you will find if they have a satisfactory rating, see any problems customers have had with them in the past, and more. hope this helps

  4. Maria says:

    If you are not prepared for a financial emergency, you are not alone. Most double and single income households do not have the resources saved to protect themselves in an emergency!

    Behind on a monthly utility? No big deal for some, but for those who are just a short time from payday, the costs of paying for utility re-connects far outweigh the cost of most payday loans. So, why not just kite a check? Now you are facing the possibility of the check bouncing and having to pay the bounce fees (usually very high).

  5. MsLisaLisa says:

    I would recommend if you have to get a payday loan, that you do it in person instead of over the web. If you don’t want to be seen getting a payday loan in your area, drive to another city close by. I totally understand your situation.

    I was once there myself and payday loans helped me alot when I was in a bind. If you payback on time, sometimes the owners will not charge you the fee or you can get special fees arranged for being a good customer. Just be friendly when you go in person and talk to the clerk.

    good luck.

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