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Payday loan question ?

Hi all
I have borrow a 350 from (payday loan yes) 5 monthe ago
The first payment they got from my bank account was 350 +105+105+30 at the same day (i thoght that i done from the payments)but after 15 days they also took 295 +295 +30 at the same day so I change my direct deposit to another account ,anyway few days ago I hade a voice mail from a colliection company says that they will sue me at the court or i will need to pay 700 in full within 24 hour
so what is the badest thing will happen if i did not pay the money
Thanks all


  1. Lucy Lu says:

    If you are telling me correctly, it looks like you paid your payday loan and then some. Get the statements and mail copies to the collection agency that you don’t owe them anything. Even if you had to go to court the statments are your proof of payment.

  2. Victoria says:

    You really need to get copies of all your statements. All the paperwork from the loan agency, all the documents from your bank and anything from anyone else that has ever been sent to you from anyone in regards to this loan. Make sure to have all this available to you, then start with the bank and make sure that what you have is correct. Then move to the loan agency and check to see what you think happened and what they say happened is the same, and now contact the collection agency and talk to them about what your paper work is telling you. You do not want the worst thing to happen to you, you want the best, but you have to work at that.

  3. VALERIA says:

    Payday loan is not such a good thing to resolve your problems. I borrowed $300 a month ago and APR was very high. Be ready to pay about $10 for each $100 borrowed. If you still wanna get it I can suggest you the website I used:

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