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Other ways to get emergency money besides payday loans?

I have been doing re-search & every where I look people advise against payday loans. I was looking into a payday loans because you can get the money the next day & I am in need of cash by this weekend, Saturday the latest.

Are there any other options besides payday loans that offer the same service as in getting the money that soon.

I currently live in NYC & a friend of a friend was recommending to me a loan shark, however I am a little scared & hesitant.

I am pretty desperate & I have already been scammed twice, one with a counterfeit check & the other with sending money in hopes of them sending me back money, never happened.

Any suggestions? I have already pawned everything I can. When the counterfeit check happened my bank account was frozen & then subsequently closed. I now have a pre-paid debit card that I use for my direct deposit, it’s called balance financial from wallgreens.

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  1. JJ says:

    Pay day loans would be better than loan sharks… your friend sounds dumb in that regard. Pay day loans would go to collections agencies to get back any unpaid balances, loan sharks would go to you and break your legs or something…

  2. shipwreck says:

    Do without what ever you think you need, no matter how important you think it is. Learn to not be desparate so you fall for scams.

    Start saving money so you have a cushion. Go mow a lawn or shovel some snow or something or get second job.

    Even if you are evicted Saturday don’t borrow money. You can’t afford to get into debt besides you can’t borrow even a payday loan without a checking account.

  3. Kittysue says:

    Sublet your apartment for a month. You can make $1000 cash doing this and just stay with friends and family during this time. Post on Craigslist that you have a sublet available and ask for CASH ONLY

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