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does anyone know of a payday loan company that will loan to somone on SSI?

I only earn 649 dollars a month so most payday loan companies won’t let me get a loan does anyone know of one that will loan to someone on SSI this is an urgent situation.


  1. TaxMaven says:

    If you are on SSI, the LAST thing you need is a freaking RIP OFF payday loan! Those people are preying on the poor, don’t let them prey on you!

  2. Ma Goose says:

    Payday loans should be outlawed because they are stealing money from the poor. I had a friend who got one once in an emergency and ended up paying so much money to them. Borrowing $300 for 6 months cost her $600. You can’t pay them back and they are counting on it.

  3. Adam B says:

    Believe me-you are way better off to stay away from those places. They do prey on the poor, and can sue you if you don’t pay it off and garnish your wage afterwards. Have you thought about a pawn place? Pawn shops take almost everything, and if you can’t afford to pay the loan back, you’re just out whatever you pawned. Otherwise, is there anyone you could ask for the money? A payday loan store would probably only approve you for 100-300 maximum anyway and end up charging you $$$$$$$$.

  4. Gillian G says:

    Needing a payday loan is not ideal, but neither is it the end of the world.

    If you have a genuine cash emergency, and if you have no other source of funding, maybe this is your only option. If so, do your own research, and, whatever you do, make sure to pay back the loan in full, on time.

    Here’s a website which explains all this in detail and which contains a lot of links where you may find what you need. I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  5. peterson c says:

    This is Mr Chris Peters.I am a loan leder who give out loan at low interest rate of 3% to 5%.Are you financially down?Do you need help to pay your bills?If yes,contact me today for your loan at or you have contacted me before you are now to contact me via my new email address.I will be ready to help you regarding this as i am ready to work with you if you are a honest person.When you are contacting me plkease do include the amout of loan you need and the duration you need the loan for so that i can frward to you my loan terms and condition.I will be expecting your mail soon.Thank you

  6. brettR says:

    You can try the following payday loan company. Not the ideal solution, but if you are really in need they can help. You can also try – they are a good site for getting small (<25,000) loans.

  7. VALERIA says:

    Payday loan is not such a good thing to resolve your problems. I borrowed $300 a month ago and APR was very high. Be ready to pay about $10 for each $100 borrowed. If you still wanna get it I can suggest you the website I used:

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