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Checking and payday loan question?

question… i have a payday loan. my dad and i had a joint account but he closed it. he only had access to see the account and transfer funds. his name was never on any checks i used for my payday loan. if they were to deposit the check and see the account is closed, would they go after me? would they contact him? they do not have his info, only mine. would the bank contact him or would he somehow know that they tried to deposit it? i dont have the money to pay it back right now unless i can come up with a plan… does anyone know? thoughts?

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  1. Guess Who says:

    It is illegal to write a check on a closed account. Contact the Payday loan company and settle your debt ASAP.
    Why did you need a payday loan if your dad was transferring funds into your account? Maybe that is the reason he closed it?

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