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can i get a cash loan if ive been in the hospital and lost my job?

Dillan T asked:

i got sick with pnemonia, spent a week in ICU in the hospital. Now i have no job, and no money. how can i get a cash loan? how much money can i get?
Asked on: 2009-12-27 05:10:37


  1. Oscar says:

    I think you can but you would need some very valuable collateral

  2. crystal_lipp says:

    There are different loan/cash advance places that do not ask for proof of income or job and will loan out up to $500. Try Quik Cash (if you have one in your area). But, please make sure you can abide by the loan agreement, I have seen too many people ruin their accounts by getting these loans and not thinking about how they were going to pay the money back in 2 weeks, which is what most people ask.

    Get well and Good luck!

  3. They usually ask you for your latest pay stub or proof of employment. The loan matures in 2 weeks or a month, but not more than a month.

  4. Greg S says:

    Before you borrow, take an inventory of your possesions, see if there is anything you don’t really use that may have value, like old musical instruments, kitchen gadgets, furniture, electronics etc.

    You can try and sell these things on Craigslist, eBay or have a yard sale. Then you will be cleaning clutter and not have debt that you can’t pay back.

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